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Sterling Silver Crown - Woven Motif

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At Matanyah, we make Torah Crowns out of a precious metal such as brass, copper, silver or gold. The crown can have sterling silver or gold bells or both if you choose. Our design studio can customize your crown according to the style you wish to use.

Crowns are available in several sizes according to the size of the actual Sefer Torah.  Below are instructions how to order the proper size crown.  Crowns come in both Sterling Silver 925 along with high quality 925 Silver Plating.

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It is a popular tradition within Judaism to decorate and beautify objects used to perform the commandments, or mitzvot.  One of the best ways to show respect for the commandments and show how beloved they are to us is to decorate a Torah scroll with various silver and gold ornaments.  One of the most popular ornaments used to decorate the Torah are silver Torah Crowns.

We make Torah crowns from 925 Sterling Silver along with models from 925 Sterling Silver plating.  Inside there are two holes which attach the crown to the Torah poles.

When selecting a Torah crown, the options are endless.  Some of the most common Torah crown designs have Jerusalem or the 12 tribes on them, with a miniature representation of the Ten Commandments on top. It is possible to mix and match different motifs. Other popular designs are simpler and consist of vines and flowers with a verse from the Torah along one of the edges.

A Torah Crown is a great way to honor a relative or mark a special celebration. You can engrave the date of the occasion or lifecycle event or the name of the relative you wish to honor.

How do you purchase a Torah Crown for your Sefer Torah?

There are 3 popular sizes for a Sefer Torah and therefore 3 popular sizes for a Torah Crown:
A small Torah Crown is for a parchment of 14"
Medium and Large Torah Crown for parchment of 19"
Medium and Large Torah Crown A parchment of 22"

Once you have finalized your crown design, we will let you know our best delivery date along with shipping costs.

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