Front Shtender

This is the Shtender having no seats infront of it, thereby creating the first row of seats
Every synagogue has a few rows of seats ending at the front shtender which is used to hold books and as a storage compartment for the members of the congregation.
Since the front shtender is actually the facade of the synagogue many people choose to add various engravings to it adding more splendor to the synagogue.

Important: We make shul furniture like Aron Hakodesh, Bimahs, Shtenders, Mechitza, synagogue chairs and also Memorial & Prayer Boards.
We also make Giant luxurious main doors and wood coverings for the walls and windows.

It is crucial for all of your shul's furniture to have the same design ! 
Ask for our non obligatory price offer including a sketch and a 3D image. 

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