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Pure Silver Engraved Torah Finials w/ Gold Plated Bells

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At Matanyah, we make Torah Finials out of precious metals such as brass, copper, silver or gold. The Finials can have sterling silver or gold plated bells or both if you choose. The Rimonim are used on both Ashkenazic and Sephardic Sefer Torahs along with occasionally decorating the Elijah's Chair.  As such, they are sized according to your needs.  Our design studio can customize your Rimonim according to the style you wish to use.

Torah Finials come in both Sterling Silver 925 along with high quality 925 Silver Plating.  As the price of silver fluctuates, ask us for a price quote of any item you may be interested in.

Matanyah -  Faithfully Creating!

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It is a popular tradition within Judaism to decorate and beautify objects used to perform the commandments, or mitzvot.  One of the best ways to show respect for the commandments and show how beloved they are to us is to decorate a Torah scroll with various silver and gold ornaments.  One of the most popular ornaments used to decorate the Torah are silver Torah Finials (Rimonim).

We make Torah Finials from 925 Sterling Silver along with models from 925 Sterling Silver plating.  

We offer a large number of designs and can customize also.

Torah Finials are a great way to honor a relative or mark a special celebration. You can engrave the date of the occasion or lifecycle event or the name of the relative you wish to honor.

Matanyah - Faithfully Creating


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