Hannuka Menorah:

Hannuka is a happy holiday when we light candles everywhere. Traditionally we light candles also in the synagogues where many people pass and they can see the menorah along their way and we can publish the Hannukah miracle. Another reason for lighting the menorah in the synagogue is for remembering the miracle of the menorah of our holy Temple (Beit Ha Mikdadh) and our synagogue is our "minor sanctuary".

We place the Hannukah menorah on the southern side of our synagogue like the menorah of our holy temple that was also on the southern side.

Lighting the menorah in your synagogue does not dismiss you from lighting the Hannukah menorah at home.

Many synagogues place the chanukiya for synagogue and add another candle each day. Some synagogues place the menorah inside and some at the front of the synagogue for publishing the miracle.

We celebrate Hannukah holiday on Kislev which is the third month in hebrew calander. Kislev is  wintertime and Matanyah team found the right solution for lighting your menorah in the rain. In Matanyah we create a resistant menorah to any weather and you can leave it outside even when its rainy and your menorah will keep shining with her glowing light.

The menorah is illuminated with blue L.E.D lamp.

Size: 1.60×1.03

Also possible 2.36×1.52

For a picture of the menorah click here

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