Bimah for the Synagogue

The Bimah or Torah reading table is also used by Sephardic jews as a prayer podium.

The main difference between an Ashkenazic and a Sephardic bima for a shul is that an Ashkenazic bimah has a Incline fit for a Ashkenazic sefer torah for easier reading.  In contrast, Sephardic jews use a Torah case that holds the sefer Torah upright which needs to be placed on a flat surface.

There are 2 main types of bimah placement. The standard, classical bimah stands on the floor of the shul. The more luxurious one comes on a stage having seating places for the Gabay and for the other members that read the Torah.

At Matanyah, we design and import luxury Tayvot hand carved from Mahogany wood, designed with rich and antique style. 
In addition, We can make any one of our current designs or make a custom design for your special size.

We work with each client individually to ensure that they receive the highest-quality product, according to their needs and budget.

To purchase a bimah just pick the model you like and we will design it for you using the measurements fit for your synagogue.
We already include the cost of our Architect (about $700) in the final price.

How to Order :
First of all, please provide us with the following information :
Width and depth of the platform where the bimah will be placed.
Color of the synagogue furniture.
What model inspired you.

We will provide you with a price offer and a a 3-Dimensional digital image. 

Delivery time :
If available in stock – up to 30 days
If it needs to be manufactured – up to 120 days

We import luxury Aron Kodesh & luxurious Bimah for the price of a regular Bimah! 

All of our Bimah's in stock are ON SALE !! 
Now starting at $2700 !! 

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