Aron haKodesh

At matanyah, we design and import luxurious Aron haKodesh together with other synagogue furnishing for synagogues worldwide. As appropriate for small beit hamikdash, your temple should look dignified and honorable. Through the design you can show the respect to the tradition and values of our people.

At Matanyah, our goal is that your synagogue furniture would look in a way in where power and beauty are combined with innovation and originality.

Most people compromise the quality and beauty of their  torah ark due to budget restraints. You don't need to compromise the splendor of your synagogue. Your place of worship must look luxurious and astounding.  

In today's age of globalization, you can considerably lower costs when making synagogue furnishing. In the past luxurious Holy Ark used to cost 50,000$ now we can make one for half of that cost.  

Our factory is located in Indonesia and creates high quality furnishing at a considerably lower cost.  
We don't compromise our quality. Local manufacture is very expensive so local factories use cheaper materials and give you a lower level of execution on their work.

Our Torah scroll cupboard is hand carved from mahogany wood. The resulting product looks so much prestigious than local products. 

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