Aron Kodesh

How does one purchase an Aron Kodesh (an Ark for the Torah Scrolls in a synagogue)?

An Aron Kodesh is THE central piece of furniture in every synagogue these days. As a congregant / guest enters the Sanctuary, it is the very first item to catch their eye, and so to honor and glorify the synagogue properly much emphasis is to be placed on respectable  investing in the Aron Kodesh and in its special designs, carvings, and engravements.

Every Aron Kodesh customized!

In purchasing an holy ark, one must choose a design suitable for the style of the target synagogue and its congregants. Similarly, the Aron Kodesh's size needs be properly fitted for the synagogue's dimensions.

Let us at Matanya design an Ark for Torah scrolls to perfectly match the size and the design of YOUR synagogue.

We carry a wide range of styles and designs, and we look forward to finding a style to your liking and making you the newest of Mayanya's many satisfied customers.

We also offer matching sets of Bimahs for the Torah reading, and an Amuds for the chazzan.

In your inquiry, please kindly include: your desired Aron Kodesh's width, depth, and color of choice, and also a sample of a design that you found to your liking (if you have one).

We will then make with a visual image of suggested models, and their attached price quotes.

Delivery: 120 days from purchase

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