:About hiring a specialist for your new synagogu

You're planning to build a new synagogue, but do you really need to hire a specialist?

Here are some of the things you want to consider before you hire.


A builder, constractor and architect can design and create a beautiful space for you. However, only a specialist in synagogue design will understand all the requirements a community has from their building for prayer, classes and events.


Synagogues have unique interior structure and design. Specialist architects help you to create the perfect  interior balance and maximising the space for a harmonious community experience.


Only a specialist in synagogue design can understand the special bureaucracy of building a synagogue and therefore only a specialist can truely coordinate the process and the paperwork in the right way between the municipal authorities. The municipal authorities are quite different from other authorities and one should know how to lead and speed up the process.

The specialist in synagogue desin will guide you how to operate.

Before designing and coordinating between the municipal authorities understanding the operations sequence and following the steps in the right order is very important and fundamental. Only afterwards the specialist will  design and maximize the space according to your synagogue needs.

It is highly recommended to hire a specialist in synagogue who is also a specialist in interior design. A specialist who can create a whole harmonious concept together with the requirements and needs of the community. The synagogue have a unique interior structure and the architect must create the perfect balance between the Ark, Bima, Parochet, commemoration placards etc.

Another benefit in hiring a specialist is that a specialist works regularly with professionals from different areas and they will help you find the best hardware stores, choose the best building material and also walk you throgh the whole process: choosing wood and  Ark covers, choosing the right fabric for your parochet, choosing the right chandeliers manufacturer or 

importer etc. And most important thing is that the specialist and the professionals he works with can walk you together through the whole process to acquire a pretty high standard of design according to the synagogue plans. 

The only disadvantage so far in hiring a specialist is that this service costs money.

However, hiring an architect who is not a spacialist in synagogue can eventually cost you more because of mistakes, bad choices and delays derives from the architect's  lack of experience and lack of expertise.

Matanyah team can recommand you to a specialist in synagogued: Assaf Hasson 03-6436643.