Torah pointer

At Matanyah, we have large selection Torah scrolls together with a wide range of Torah scroll accessories. When the actual Torah Scroll (hand written parchment) is completed it is adorned with numerous accessories, and together they form the Torah Scroll as we see it in Synagogue.
One of these accessories is the Torah pointer (Yad in Hebrew) that the reader uses in the synagogue to help others follow the reading from the Torah scroll. Usually made of silver, the end of this rod is commonly shaped like a hand with its index finger extended.
We use the Torah pointer to make sure that the reader does not touch the parchment. This is because one who is handeling the parchment becomes impure. Another reason is that one might damage the often fragile parchment. Moreover, the vellum parchment does not absorb ink so touching the scroll with fingers will damage the lettering.While not required when chanting from the Torah, it is used frequently and is considered a hidur mitzvah (“embellishment of the commandment”) of reading the Torah.
Our beautiful works of art now combine this ancient custom with the elegance of modern design. A beautiful addition to any synagogue, and an absolutely perfect and unforgettable Bar Mitzvah gift!

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Availability and delivery :
If the Torah pointer is in stock we will send it in 24 hours or you could pick it up.
If the Torah pointer is not in stock, you could order it and we will notify you whiten two weeks.

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1) 7-10 days EMS delivery – $39
2) 3 day DHL delivery -$59

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