Silver Torah cases

Our sterling silver Torah cases come with a matching pair of rimonim, Torah finials, and Torah pointer. Please note that we handcraft each sterling silver Torah case and therefore it may not be exactly as the one you saw on our website.

Why are we different

Fast rolling :The new cases have bearing allowing for a faster and more convenient rolling of the sefer, especially when you need to roll the sefer from beginning to end.

Light weight : We build our cases to be light. We use oak tree which is light and thin which makes the Torah case easy to lift. 


We also offer Sefer Torah covers by special order. We can make a special hand decoration with the dedication of the name of a departed loved one or the person donating the Sefer Torah to the synagogue.


Most Torah Parchments are 22’ . Some are 23.5’ and these are the old Sefer Torah’s are the ones belonging to the Yemenite congregation. There are also smaller sefer Torah’s that are 19’. for these we need to custom make our cases to fit.

Haftarah Cases:

We can custom make haftarah cases to fit any model. We just make them smaller and with no scrolling system because the weight of the parchment is light and it is easy to roll the parchment. 

Browse our website and find the Torah Case that you like. If you haven't found one, please send us an email telling us what you are looking for and we will send you more models for you to choose from: E-mail: [email protected]


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