Torah crowns

The Torah crown is the most luxurious accessory we use for the Sefer Torah. Some will only use Rimonim to adorn the Sefer Torah. A Torah crown is larger and more impressive.

Different types of plated torah crown

There are different designs of crowns. There are open crowns and closed crowns. Because the closed crowns are made with more silver they are heavier and more expensive. The open crowns are lighter and cheaper. For these reasons, many prefer the open crowns.

Pure silver or silver plated

In recent years it has became more popular to use silver plated Torah crowns. We have a wide selection of silver plated Torah crowns and also  Torah pointers, Torah finias having an identical look to our pure silver crowns. The base of the silver plated torah crown is copper, having an identical weight to silver, giving the silver plated crown a similar weight to the one made out of pure silverThe main advantage of choosing a silver plated Torah crown is the cheap price. Similarly, the main disadvantage is that in case of a scratch the coating would peel. Consequently, the scratch does not show as much so the consideration is mostly financial.

Various sizes of Silver Torah crowns

There are 3 sizes of the Torah crown to choose from. The smallest and most rare one fits a 14" Sefer Torah. A medium sized one fits a 19" Sefer Torah. A large one fits a 22’ and 23.5’ Sefer Torah. Most of the crowns on our site fit a 22’ Sefer Torah. Not every model comes in all sizes. If you have a large (23.5") or small (14") Sefer let us know and we will find a model to fit your size.

Manufacture of Torah crowns

There Torah crowns that we make at a factory. In contrast, an artist makes other crowns by hand at his shop. The hand made Torah crowns are more beautiful and unique. The Torah crowns that we make in a factory are in stock so we may deliver them immediately or in a matter of days. The ones which are hand made are custom made to personally fit you so the manufacture of the crown is 1 month from the time the order was received. 

Browse our website and find the Torah crown that you like. If you haven't found one, please send us an email telling us what you are looking for and we will send you more models for you to choose from.

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