Parochet, bimah & mantal

There are several ways to manufacture a Parochet for Aron HaKodesh. The old fashioned way is hand made embroidery usually made on velvet. This is an advantage when the craftsman is an artist that is very talented and makes special artifacts.  It is a disadvantage because most average embroiders are not real artists but just skilled craftsmen who know how to sew really well. They mostly imitate existing designs. The inaccuracy is evident and the copy does not look like the original. The advantage of using these craftsmen is that the price of the artifact is significantly lower than one made by an artist or even one made by a machine.

The modern way to create a parochet is to use a digital machine. This process varies from factory to factory but it all starts with creating a digital image. Once we make an image, we also create special files called "digitized files" for the machine to read. You insert the fabric to the machine and you start sewing in layers, exchanging color when needed. More elaborated parochot are combined with an "application", a combination of fabrics having different textures that enrich the look of the design and help the fabric not to shrink due to too much embroidery.  After the design in ready we add a lining and ribbons on the sides. We also add pompoms on the bottom and on the kaporet, If there is one. ּ(This also belongs to torah scroll cover and amud covers)

What makes a parochet more expensive?

The difference between a cheap and an expensive parochet is the amount of seams or what we professionally call as "machine time". This is a bit tricky because you might find one loaded with embroidery having a cheap price versus a more expensive one with less embroidery. This is because some parochot have circular models using a 8 headed machine, which cuts down "machine time" by 8 times making it cheaper. Another factor is the combination of fabrics. The more fabrics you use for the parochet, the more time our craftsmen need to invest in cutting and sewing, all done by hand. So the more colors and the more "applications", the more expensive the parochet. One last thing is the cost of the fabric. The more fabric you use means the more embroidery space you have so the combination between the two creates a more expensive parochet. (This also belongs to mantle for torah and cover bima)

Why we are different?

 At Matanyah we use 9 X 7.5 foot advanced machines having a high level of accuracy. We also use 8 headed machines for faster manufacture of circular models. Our veteran staff are all skilled craftsmen with over 20 years of experience. We have a variety of unique designs and each month we create a new model. You can find both classical and modern designs and if you haven't found something that you liked, we can custom make one for you. Most importantly, with regard to the high finishing level of our embroidered parochet, you get the best price ! Feel free to compare the various models and designs and if you can't find a match ask us and we will be happy to explain about the quality of the product vs. the price you pay.(This also belongs to sefer torah cover and bima covers)

Why is a white parochet for Holly ark 25% more expensive ?

We use grease to oil the digital sewing machine and the movement of the needles sometimes spits grease.

White fabric does not clean up from grease and therefore we add a thin plastic cover when sewing.

This makes the whole process much more complex because after you finish you need to remove the plastic cover meticulously through out the stitches.

Browse our website and find the Paroket Ark Curtains that you like (This also belongs to torah mantel and bimah cover).

If you haven't found one, please send us an email telling us what you are looking for and we will send you more models of parochet for you to choose from

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