Information regarding Memorial Boards, Boards of Honor or Digital Boards” “Quotation Boards

In all Synagogues there are various types of Memorial Boards, Boards of Honor or Digital Boards use for different purposes.  The first type is the “Memorial Boards, on which families are able to inscribe names of their deceased dear ones or names of the deceased Congregants with the appropriate dates, side by side.  On this “Commemorative Board” will appear the time of Kaddish. Sometimes a personal memory is asked for and therefore a light is affixed by the side a particular name on the “Memorial Board”, which is lit on the day of Kaddish.

In addition these “Memorial Boards” can be in the shape of the “Tree of Life” with the quotation “Etz Chayim Hi LaMachazikim Be VeTomcheyha MeUshar”  There are various “Boards of Honor” for Donators such as “Parnes Hayom” etc. (The sponsor of that particular day).

Other types of “Boards” are those inscribed with various prayers, such as “Modim Board” “Kaddish Board” “Kidush LeVana Board”  “Luach Nisiyat Kapayim”, “Luach Brit Shema” etc.  All these Boards indicating the times when these prayers are said, can be inscribed with dedications of the   contributor.

There are also Boards” with the quotation “Shivisi Hashem LeNegdi Tamid” as found in most Synagogues.


In addition to this there is also a Board of Times” on which is displayed the times of Services and Torah Lessons. “Board of Contributors displaying the names of those who purchase the honor of upkeep of a week, a day, the buying of the honor of the reading of the Haftora etc.

The “Board of Times” of the times of the start and end of the Shabbat or Jewish Holidays, the equivalent time of “Mid-day & Mid-night” “Mincha Gedolah” “Mincha Ketana” “Peleg Mincha” “Appearance of Stars”. “Appearance of Stars – Rabeinu Tam”

There are Boards” showing the names of those Yartzeit that week.  Day Times –which change daily of the “Sunset”, “Sunrise”, “Times of Saying the “Shema Prayer” – according to the different traditions.

There are “Notice Boards” showing which appropriate Prayer should be recited: “Yaalei Veyavo”The New Month and Jewish Holidays”. “Al HaNissim”, “Counting of the Omer” “Pirkei Avot” What is the “Daily Portion for Study” etc.

In addition on these Information Boards it is written Chassidic dates of Yarzeit of the Great Religious Rabbanim , and when Tachanun is not recited.

The Memorial Boards” the Boards of Time” and the Luach Modimall these help the Congregation and the warden in order that the Services are held in the Synagogue conforming to the tradition in an easy and comfortable manner.

All these boards can be prepared according to the wishes and standards of the customer and to suit their Synagogue.