Donor signs

Many people wish to honor the donors of thier congregation by placing their names on a donor board that remains fixed on a wall in the synagogue thereby ensuring everlasting memory. We have always understood and been greatly respectful of the deep bonds and spiritual connection that bind generations together and are a special hallmark of Judaism.

Why we are different 

At Matanyah we manufacture Donor signs together with other prayer boards. These boards have a contemporary design and a fine finish for a clean and modern look. We work with the finest materials including Wood, Aluminum and Perspex combined with a decorative LED lighting. Each memorial board can be custom made to fit your needs. You can change the size of the board, the number of memorial plates and the color and shade of lighting.

Browse our website and find the Donors' Calendar that you like. If you haven't found one, please mail us telling us what you are looking for and we will send you more models for you to choose from

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