Aliyah cover

The Torah cover is a special cover for the Torah scrolls.This covers the "Sefer Torah" between one Aliyah to another. On the Torah cover you may choose to embroider the  Torah blessings or any other words or designs that your heart wishes and add a dedication as well. All Torah covers are one size 55*65 but if there is a need to change the size according to the client needs Matanyah can surely change it to the client satisfaction.

Common questions and answers:

.1. I saw a specific design for a parochet and bima and I wish to match it a suitable Aliyah cover, is it possible?

Yes, definetly! Just show Matanyah team what parochet you want and we will create a matching Aliyah cover for your satisfaction.

2.Can I embroider a dedication on the Aliyah cover?  

Yes. There is enough space for embroider a dedication. Matanyah recommends you to place the dedication on the front of the cover or between the ornaments.

3. Will I need to pay for embroider dedication?

Yes. A very nominal fee: 3 NIS for each letter.

4. Can I choose any color that I like?

In Matanyah we have the following colors in velvet cloth:

Dark blue/Bright blue, Dark maroon (burgundy)/Bright maroon,Green,Brown,White,Cream

We also have a variety of colors for covers that are made of different fabrics other than velvet.

It is highly recommended to come and see the different kinds of fabric that we offer. Matanyah can also send you a sample via Israel post.

5.Except for velvet, what other fabrics can I order?

Although the standard is velvet in Matanyah we offer a variety of fabrics:

Linen, wild silk, cotton and suede.

6. Can I change the color of the ribbons and fringes(tassels)?

Yes, Matanyah offers ribbons and fringes almost in every possible color.

7.What information do I need to give Matanyah in order to make the purchase?

We need to know the hight of the Torah bag in order to match the Aliyah cover to the hight of the Torah scrolls. 

8.How can I pay? 

Credit card, Wire transfer, Cash

9. What is the delivery time?

14 days. If it is urgent please contact us and in Matanyah we will do all we can to speed up the process.

10. How can I get what I ordered?

Pay a nominal delivery charge or self collect is also possible.

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