How to design a mantle ( jacket ) for Sefer Torah?

There are a few methods for designinig a mantle for Sefer Torah. One method is like in the old days: hand-made embroider usually on velvet jackets and the final result depends on the artist's ability. On the one hand, when the artist is gifted the designs will be very attractive that even and particularly the lack of accuracy makes a piece of art. However, if the designer is not an artist in soul and he or she only copies current and well known designs, in that case the lack of accuracy and the difference from the original will be very significant and that is a big disadvantage. In this way there is usually also a lack of asymmetry and that is also very significant. The only advantage, of hiring a designer who is not an artist for this job, is the low price but the final result is accordingly.

The second method for creating a  Sefer Torah cover is by using a digital computerized embriodery. The final result in this case differs from one provider to another and actually depends upon the size of the machine.

The process starts with a computerized visualization that Matanyah perpers especially for each and every client. After the client approves Matanyah perpers the digital files for the embroider machine. The machine "reads" the files and starts to embroider according to the given data. The chosen cloth is being inserted to the machine and the embroidery starts step by step. We embroider in layers and the machine knows when to change the color when needed. Afterward we sew a lining and some ribbons by using strong strings so that everything will be strong enough and will not be torn away easily.

To each Sefer Torah we add a belt that holds the Sefer Torah. We also add wooden rings to prevent grinding of the Etz Chaim while the last is combined with the mantle.

The main difference between an expensive mantle for Sefer Torah and a cheaper one is the amount of stitches on the mantle, what is called in professional terms:"the machine time".

Matanyah designs and embroiders mantles for Sefer Torah for 25 years. Matanyah creates new designs all the time. We take great  care that the embroider will be densed and impressive and also make sure that the finial result will have high finish levels. 

For getting a price quote please call us and we will be happy to supply you with perfect final mantales.

Why is a white mantle for Sefer Torah os 25% more expensive?

The reason is simple: The embroider machine is oiled with grease and that is the reason that sometimes the needles spits out grease and a white mantle can not be cleaned from the grease. That is why it is harder to embroider a white mantle. The embroider work on white is therefore more complicated. On white mantles we embroider by using a thin plastic cover on the top of the mantle and when the work is done we remove the plastic cover. Removing the plastic cover is very complicated and hard because it is removed from between the stitches.

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If you did not find the mantle that pleases you in the above catalog, please write to us: [email protected] and add a descreption of the mantle that pleases you. Matanyah team will send you a few samples  to choose from according to your request (via email).