Tables from solid wood for your synagogue, strong and with glorious designs. Every synagogue needs tables. In Sephardic synagogues the table is located in front of the front seats of the first row, or in a place designed for Kiddush assembllies or Torah lessons. In Ashkenazi synagogues we see the use of many tables especially in Hassidic synagogues where there are many Kiddush assembllies and farbrengen ( a Hassidic assmblage adressed by a rebbe, a gathering of hassidim).

For synagogues that prefer benches instead of chairs, we add a small cubicle to the table, so small that it will not make the table higher, deep enough for placing the Siddur and we add a steel rod for placing the feet so that they will not touch the table or the cubicle. Sometimes one needs to combine two tables into one wide table, and we take that into consideration and make sure that the table we design is not too wide or narrow. You can find on our site all kind of tables and we will be happy to give you advice according to youe needs.

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Matanyah can supply you with all furniture for your synagogue.

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