Sefer Torah Mantal:

If this is the first time that you purchase a mantle for Sefer Torah the following information will help you to make a correct and successful purchase:

Dimentions: please use a measuring tape to measure the hight of your parchment. Matanyah will take care of the other necessary dimentions.

Design: Our clients can choose from our catalog or make personal special orders. You may choose any color you wish for the mantle and can also choose your Torah psalms for embroider.

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Velvet colors:light/dark maroon/burgundy, light/dark blue, green, white (25% extra cost) and cream (25% extra cost).

More cloths (15% extra cost): suede, cotton, linen and more.

We offer a variety of colors. It is highly recommended to come and feel the cloth and choose the right color for your mentale.

Dedication: A nominal fee of 3 NIS per each letter.

The process: After the client send us his approval for the price quote, Matanyah will send the client am exact visualization of the mantle. After the client approves the visualizaion Matanyah will start the process of sewing and embroider accordind to the final visualization.

Questions and answers about Toeah Mantal:

1.How will I know what is the correct size of my mantle?

Take measurement of the parchment and Matanyah will add 17 cm for the mantle size in order to cover also the Etz Chaim.

2. Will I need also to measure the diameter?

No. That is not necessary because it is usually standard. Unless, in special cases the Etz Chaim is very old and clunky.

3. Is it a must to place wooden rings at the top of the parochet for the Sefer Torah?

No. However, it is highly recommended to do it because it will protect the velvet cloth from rubbing with the Etz Chaim (extra cost 50 NIS).

4. Will I have enough space for embroider on any mantle?

Yes. It is possible to embroider on any mantle. The big mantles will have more space and it is also possible to embroider on both sides.

5. How much the embroider costs?

A nominal fee of 3 NIS per each letter.

6. Can I choose any color for the cloth?

Yes. We have a variety of color for differnt kinds of cloth.

7. If I choose velvet cloth, what are the possible colors?

dark/light blue, dark/light maroon/burgundy, green, brown, white (25% extra cost) and cream (25% extra cost).

8. Can I choose another cloth for my mantle apart of velvet?

Yes. The standard is velvet but Matanyah offers a variety of cloths to choose from: linen, wild silk, cotton or suede.

9. Does Matanyah offers a variety of colors for the differnt cloths?

Yes. You can choose from a variety of colors.

10. Does the mantle comes with a belt?

You can order a belt with price addition of 50 NIS.

11. What closer can I have for the belt?

You can choose a closer like one have in a backpack or a velcro.

12. Can I change the colors of the ribbons and tassles/fringes?

Yes. We have ribbons in almost all colors. The tassles are golden or silver.

You can choose the designs of the tassles.

Ask us.

13. How can I pay?

Credit card, wired transfered or cash when you come to collect your order.

14. When will my order be ready?

14 days. If urgent please let us know and we will do our best to speed up the process.

15. How can I get my order?

You can pay delivery charge or self collect.