Etz Chaim for the Torah scrolls

Etz Chaim for the Torah scrolls includes the sticks and the knobs that are attached to the sticks that hold the scrolls of the

Torah. The knobs are round in order to enable a comfortable scrolling of the Torah from side to side and also in order to hold

the parchment scrolls straight and open. The knobs of the Torah scrolls are well decorated. The simple decoration is from the

tree  itself. Usually thr carver creates different shapes of circles in different sizes on the knobs and plate of the Etz Chaim.

More  glorious Etz Chaim will contain silver ornaments like: crown, silver necklaces, and silver interlaced flowers all around the

plate.Most ornaments will appear on the upper side of the Etz Chaim because that is the side that catches our eyes. Some

clients would prefer to have ornaments also on the lower part of the plate, it is possible with extra cost of 50% ( The prices on

the website are for ornaments on one side only).

Dedication on the Etz Chaim: We add the dedication on the upper plate of the Etz Chaim  and it is usually done by carving on

a silver plate or on aluminum plate (silver is double priced).

The sizes of the Etz Chaim are 56 cm (most popular), 48 cm or 36 cm. We need to know the size of your parchment in order

to determin the size of your Etz Chaim (2-3 cm larger)

Matanyah can also design a cloth for your Torah scrolls, a crowm and a Yad. Please click here to make your purchase and

send us your order details

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