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פרוכת כינור דוד

פרוכת כינור דוד כתר ועיטורים

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פרוכת כינור דוד כתר ועיטורים, מגיע במבחר צבעים, מוצג בבד קטיפה שחור ורקמה כסף
עבודה איכותית ומרשימה
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At Matanyah we have been manufacturing quality parochot for the past 20 years. Our magnificent parochot are world renowned and considered of the highest standard in synagogues today. Each one is customized to fit your special needs.

The Parochet  is constructed of rich ornamentation with machine embroidered artistry often featuring verses from the Torah.

The parochet is typically made of velvet and embroidered with metallic thread, silk, and ornamental beads.  It may come in various colors – red, blue, green or gold. There is also one in white for the High Holy Days to symbolize the purity and holiness of the special time of year.

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