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"Dove of David" w/ Decorative line & Stars - Blue & Gold


Gold Verse & Color Bouquet - Bordeaux & Gold

Gold Verse & Eitz Chayim Modern - Bordeaux

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At Matanyah we have been manufacturing quality Bimah Covers for the past 20 years. Our magnificent Bimah Covers are renowned as the highest standard in synagogues worldwide. Each one is custom made to fit your special needs.

 To get a quote / To Order
1) Send us an e-mail with the following :
   a. A dedication for Bimah Cover
   b. The width and height of the Bimah Cover 
       (right to left and top to bottom including fallout on each side)
   c. The velvet comes in: dark and light Blue, light and dark Bordeaux. Green, Brown.
       White and cream are an additional 25%. Other fabrics come in all sorts of colors.
   d. Each letter inscribed into the Bimah Cover costs $0.80
2) You will send us an order by e-mail: [email protected]
3) After order is received, we will send you a sketch by e-mail, and wait for your approval.
Manufacturing time:
18 days from the email approval of our sketch.
Delivery rates:
1) 7-10 days EMS delivery – $59
2) 3 day DHL delivery -$129
All of our Bimah Covers are designed to last for many years.
Nevertheless, because an error is always possible, we take full responsibility, and undertake to deal with any manufacturing defect (we pay the cost of returning the article) for up to 12 months.

This cannot be ordered through the website, to order, please contact us:
E-mail: [email protected]
US phone: 1-718-3057087
Israel phone: +97236436643
WhatsApp: +972546477072 Meir


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Bima Cover - Sefardi and Ashkenazi 

Questions and answers: 

1. I saw a specific paroches model, can it be custom made to fit my Bima? 
Of course! Let us know which model you liked and we will make it fit.
2. How do I know what size I need? 
  Measure the length and width of the Bima and the desired margin. A Sefardi Bima usually has a fence around the back and sides and therefore only needs margins in the front. 
3. Is it possible to emroider words of dedication on the Bima? 
   Yes, there ia the recommended area on the frontal margin or between the design in the center. 
4. Is there an additional charge for the embroidery? 
   Yes, it's $0.8 per letter.
5. Is it possible to select a fabric color? 
    Yes, this model can be personalized to meet whatever color you need. 
6. What colors of velvet do you have?   
     Dark blue, light blue, light burgundy, maroon, dark green, brown, white and cream. 
7. Is it possible to have it sewn from a different fabric? 
  Velvet is the standard but we also have linen, wild silk, cotton or fake leather. 
8. Are there any other colors to choose from? 
    Besides from the velvet which is limited, all other fabrics can be made in any color - just ask. 
9. Can the color of the ribbon and fringes be changed? 
    The fringes are limited to gold and silver but the ribbon comes in all colors. The fringes comes in various patterns (ask us about it).

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