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Parochet Eitz Chayim & Pillars

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This magnificent parochet features an intricate design of the Eitz Chayim, richly ornamented with machine embroidered artistic art.

An intricate 3D Eitz Chayim is in the middle. 
Beautiful flowery pillars are on each side. 
A verse is inscribed above the tree on the Kaporet.
A place for dedication is on the bottom. 
Color : Bordeaux w/ Gold.

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At Matanyah we have been manufacturing quality parochot for the past 20 years. Our magnificent parochot are renowned as the highest standard in synagogues worldwide. Each one is custom made to fit your special needs.

This magnificent parochet is richly ornamented with machine embroidered artistic art featuring verses from the Torah.

The parochet is typically made of velvet and embroidered with metallic thread, silk, and ornamental beads.
It may come in various colors – red, blue, green or gold. There is also one in white for the high holidays to symbolize the purity and holiness of the days of awe.

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Width:1.5 מטר
Height2 מטר

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