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About Us

Matanyah – About Us

We have over 10 years of experience manufacturing various artifacts for your synagogue.
We use that knowledge and experience to help you choose the best products to fit your synagogue. 

Our vision :

Professional service to best fit for your needs and budget. 
Everything under one roof: Choose from a wide selection of products all under one roof
Save time: You don't need to actually come to our store ! Search for your product on our website and call or email us giving us more info so we can customize it for you. Once ready, we will send you a 3D image of your product for your approval. 
Payment can be made via paypal, credit card, check, wire transfer.

Our products : 

At our plant, We manufature and design curtains for synagogue arks, coverings for the Torah reading bimah, Torah scroll mantles, wedding canopies, etc.
We offer : Special adorned Torah scrolls written by scribes with diplomas and vast experience in their profession
A wide range of types and designs of mantles for Torah scrolls, with a variety of possible dedications
Torah reading  Bimahs ,Stendenrs for prayer leaders, and personal Stenders 
Haftarah cases with parchment-like paper; large, clear print; and colorful, authentic decorations
A large selection of Elijah Chairs with a broad price range and a variety of designs suitable for each customer.
Rimonim (roller covers) for a Torah scroll, and rimonim for an Elijah's chair.
Prayer schedule boards and other prayer boards, such as Modim, Aleinu L’shebeach, etc.
Silver and silver coated Torah scroll crowns
A digital synagogue board with times, and a digital yahrzeit (memorial) boards.
Commitment to Service
It is our privilage to serve you.
Contact us and find out for yourself !