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Barich Shmey Board Branch Motif


Hand Carved Barich Shmey Board

Classic Transparent Barich Shmey Board

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Classic Transparent Barich Shmey Board
made of transparent Perspex w/ lower plaque for dedication
Available in Ashkenazic and Sephardic text

Height 47"
Width 31.5"
SKU: 1058
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The Brich Shmeiy board displays the Brich Shmey prayer, literally translated as the prayer of thanks. This is what the congregation recites while the holy ark is opend. The Rabbis instituted Modim Derabanan centuries ago to provide the personal thanks that each Jew as he bows bestows to God.

At Matanyah, we manufacture Brich shmey boards together with other lit prayer boards. Each board has a contemporary design and a fine finish for a clean and modern look.

We work with the finest materials including Wood, Aluminum and Perspex combined with a decorative LED lighting. Our laser cut modim board on LED illuminated black background creates a fine contrast.

Each prayer board can be custom made in different sizes and colors to fit your needs. You could also choose different lighting color such as cream, blue, red and white.

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