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Alenu L' Shabeach Star of David Board

Alenu L' Shabeach Star of David Board

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Alenu L' Shabeach "Star of David" Board
of wood hued Perspex w/ illuminated text
The board is peripherally illuminated in the color of your choice
Available in Ashkenazic or Sephardic text

Height 79"
Width 39"
SKU: 2303
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At Matanyah, we manufacture Modim Derabanan boards together with other lit prayer boards. Each board has a contemporary design and a fine finish for a clean and modern look. We work with the finest materials including Wood, Aluminum and Perspex combined with a decorative LED lighting. 
Each prayer board can be custom made in different sizes and colors.
You can also choose different lighting color such as cream, blue, red & white.

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