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Hannukah Menorah


Cantor Candelabra

Cantor Candelabra

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A 5 branch cantor candelabra with iluminated base
constructed of gold hued Perspex with LED flame lighting

Height 21.5"
Width 15"
SKU: 1928
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The menorah in a synagogue is one of the most influential signs of Jewish custom that creates a spiritual atmosphere within the walls of a house of worship. And all the more so, the Hannukah Menorah- the light of miracles- is a constant reminder of the historical context of Judaism. It's light beaming for the 8 days of Hannukah gives a synagogue a prominent beacon of expression in the community; its familiarity a point of pride for the synagogue and its congregation. Our menorahs are constructed of the finest materials and stand up to the most difficult weather conditions. Our designs are "one of a kind" and will add a special effect to the synagogue view.

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