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Eternal Light Multiple Plaques

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An eternal light with multiple plaques
made of wood and PVC ornaments

Height 33.5"
Width 21"
SKU: 1630
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Memorandum plaque for this synagogue says everything related to signs for a synagogue and memorial to a synagogue, such as a memorandum plaque, memorial plaque, a plaque in which there is a concentration of commemorative plates in various forms for the prohibited, commemorative tablets that include a perpetual candle or an ornamental lamp. Behind memorial signs is a combination of people's need to commemorate their relatives for many years and the synagogue's need for signs that serve the worshipers of the synagogue, whether as an ornamental piece of the synagogue, whether as useful prayer text,, The Kaddish Yatom calendar, the sign of Brich Shmaya, a white kiddush sign, a commendable calendar, or a sign of psalms, A sign that congratulates the state and IDF soldiers, and manufactures and markets special commemorative signs, in full accord with the details, for details contact us now at [email protected]

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