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Chandelier for synagogue

Decorative base with chandelier

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In a synagogue in Yehud, we were saddened by a personal request
Star of David 120 x 120 cm
From wood and gold PPC
Lighted with cream and blue
Which serves as the backdrop for a 12-branched chandelier
Made of copper and titanium coating
With extra LED lighting
Adding sparkle and sparkle in Austrian crystal crystal

Take the opportunity to make the synagogue a more dignified place!

To contact us at the following link:

Or call: 052-5722770 - Assaf

*Photo illustration
* Prices and pictures will be displayed at a meeting in the synagogue
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A selection of chandeliers for the synagogue and synagogue shuls, quality materials, crystals with lightning for many years, European production with years of experience, quality merchandise suitable for a synagogue and respects the Hall of God,
The process of purchasing a chandelier or a chandelier for a synagogue begins with a meeting in the synagogue to match the appropriate chandelier, and then creating a sketch. If necessary, building the model, an electrician and an engineer arrive to test the carrying capacity of the ceiling according to the weight of the chandelier. Lifetime warranty for fracture and loss of parts.

Designed for you! Custom designed chandeliers High quality and impressive materials Lifetime warranty!

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