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On all our Sefer Torah Caes with velvet material we are able to embroider personal dedications at an extra cost of 5 shekels per letter.

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זמינות: 10 ימי עבודה

מחיר רגיל: 7,600.00 ₪

Special Price 7,550.00 ₪


Our Sefer Torah Cases are unique and high qualitywith many intricate designs and expert precise finishing. All our work is undertaken by skillful pious Jewish sculptors well renowned in the Judaica world. We are very particular over the quality of the materials used for manufacturing our Sefer Torah Cases.

Below please find a short description of the materials we use.

The base is made of two pieces of extra hard wood and on this is fixed the special unique technique for effortless closing of the Sefer Torah and holding the parchment in place during the reading which also helps in preserving the letters. The wooden case is covered with beautiful soft high quality velvet material. On this is embroidered various Pesukim, verses or motifs sewn. The top and bottom of the case is covered in pure silver on 18micra copper and to enhance the entire case we have added pure gold touches of decoration. This is all covered with a special lacquer to preserve from dirt & dust and guarantee that the silver does not blacken, giving the entire case use for many years. This particular item is the flagship of our company and we are pleasesd to be able to offer it at an attractive price to our customers. 

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