Benches for a synagogue
Benches for a synagogue, this is a preference for some of the synagogues in the world, because the bench is comfortable to move the shape of the shape from place to place, and the cost is lower than the cost of chairs for the synagogue
We have created a variety of models for our customers, browse to find your favorite model, and even if you did not find in the gallery, we can design a custom model for you.
Including a logo or other design that you accept. Of course you can choose the color hue, width and height of the desired bench, most of our mahogany benches are full, there are additional trees as needed and requirement.
For a price quote, send us a sketch of the synagogue space with seating order so we can help you with a wise decision.
Send an e-mail with the above details to [email protected] 03-6436643