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Pure Silver Torah Finials w/ Gold Bells

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Decorating the sacred Torah scroll with silver Torah ornaments is a meaningful way to express the love and awe to God’s Commandments. Fitting over the two upper handles of the atzei chayim are the rimonim for sefer torah , or Torah finials, usually ornamented with bells that chime when the Torah scroll is being taken out of or returned to the Holy Ark.

They are used to adorn both Sephardic Torah cases that house the Torah scrolls and the handles of the Torah rollers of the Ashkenazic Torah scrolls. Please be sure to inform us whether the silver rimonim are for a Sephardic or Ashkenazic Torah scroll. Also please note that handles of Ashkenaz Torah rollers that are ornamented with sterling silver crowns, such as those we offer on our Torah rollers page, may either be too wide for Torah rimonim or the base of the silver rimonim may require a larger diameter.

As the price of sterling silver regularly fluctuates and these silver Torah rimonim are handcrafted to order we request a price quote from our artisan upon each inquiry. Please tell us if they are for an Ashkenazi Torah scroll or a Sephardic Torah scrollhoused in a Sephardic Torah case. Also if the Torah scroll is very small please let us know as the size of the Torah ornament may have to be made smaller, if possible.

Each pair is delicately hand crafted and made to order for proper fitting, Whether it is for an Ashkenazi Torah, Sephardic or small size Torah scroll. Popular motifs depicted include ritual references such as the insignia of the 12 Tribes of Israel, an eagle and miniature images of Jerusalem, often featuring verses from the Torah surrounding the edges of the rimonim.

These silver Torah rimonim truly symbolize the splendor of the sacred Torah and make beautiful dedications to a congregation!

All silver Torah ornaments can be lacquered to maintain non-tarnishable. Price ranges from $150 to $2000 depending if they are made from sterling silver or silver plated.

Availability and delivery :
If the Rimonim are in stock we will send it in 24 hours or you could pick it up.
If the Rimonim are not in stock, you could order it and we will notify you whiten two weeks.

Delivery rates:
1) 7-10 days EMS delivery – $39
2) 3 day DHL delivery -$59

Please contact us :

E-mail: [email protected]
US phone: 1-718-3057087
Israel phone: +97236436643
whatsapp: +972546477072 Meir

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